Friday, November 16, 2012

The tabloid blogger strikes again

Once again, the "real" Southbridge blog (You know the one) provides details of the meeting of the Southbridge Public School Committee executive session where the Superintendent of Schools, Eric Ely, was placed on administrative leave.

That blog cites anonymous "sources close to the decision to place Southbridge School Superintendent Eric Ely on paid administrative leave."

Let me add that I have also received and retained comments from either "sources" or "a source" who stated the following:

Brent if you knew who this is would you be surprised! And I do know all the facts on why he was put on leave and will be let go. I have something you dont the knowledge of the inside. So why dont you and Ely crawl in the same hole.
I have redacted the last sentence of the comment which contained a crude reference.  Subsequent comments from this source who claims to have "the knowledge of the inside" intensified  and became profanity-laced, obscene, and contained homophobic slurs.

Once again the argument has been made for intervention from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to take charge of this run-away train before all that remains is the wreckage.

A petition appealing to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has been initiated by Southbridge citizen Erin Quinney.

Those who believe that our school system has been bruised and battered enough and want the Massachusetts Department of Education to intervene may sign the petition here.