Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bring Back Bill Bishop

Yes, as today's article in The Worcester Telegram reports, there is a movement among students to bring back former high school principal, William Bishop.

Meanwhile, there was also discontent late last week at the new Southbridge Middle/High School on Torrey Road, where high school students waged an alliterative protest using fliers titled, “Bring Bishop Back.”It was an ode to former High School Principal William K. Bishop, whose position was eliminated by Mr. Ely over the summer, when the district opened the building and named Tammy M. Perreault principal of the school for Grades 6 to 12.
Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?  It's interesting that children are emulating the stance of some of the "adults" on the Southbridge School Committee.  

Using children to carry out adult agendas is not foreign to some "adults."  Perhaps this is more of that.

Students disrupting the educational process and the school atmosphere is an example of the type of thing that spurred the petition to have the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education take temporary control of our schools.

History shows that former Southbridge School Committee Chairman, Jack Jovan, and current school committee members Tanja Dominko, Thomas O'Leary, and Scott Lazo were the greatest advocates for Mr. Bishop during the search for a Superintendent that resulted in the hiring of Eric Ely.  The manipulation of the process is well-recorded.

Citizens have been coalescing around a petition to save our schools from the continuous interference by those who are high jacking them. If you reject these sleazy tactics, I hope you will sign the petition as well.