Friday, December 17, 2010

From checkers to chess

Here is an analogy that I believe most people can understand:

Life in the United States used to be like a checkers game. People were given an equal opportunity to succeed, and if they played fairly and wisely, they could advance and win.

The Bush Administration, aided by the Republicans, changed the game. Life in the United States is now a chess game with a hierarchy of important people. They have decided that the majority of people are pawns, expendable and subject to the whims of the upper classes.

Our American Democracy has been defeated. “All men are created equal” has been deposited into the dust bin of history.

In the HBO series, The Wire, there is a scene where the game of chess is explained in stark reality. The following clip uses the language of the streets, so be advised. Consider also the last words in the clip. It may give some clues to what might happen when an oligarchy holds the power.